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fucking brilliant, fire across the album
— Clunk Mag

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There’s a lot having to do with mystery in Magic Hour, the new EP from SoCal garage psych trio Lunar Hand. Whether it be the uncertainties in relationships, throwing caution to wind and seeing where the night takes you or the never-ending stretches of a night-dressed desert road; Lunar Hand are here to explore and take you along for the ride.

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SoCal psych garage pop trio Lunar Hand are just out of high school but boast some killer chops with distinctive 1950s vintage pop flair. The greaser theatrics which the Arctic Monkeys have been chasing on their past few releases seem to come naturally to these youngsters.

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Music News "Smoke & Chandeliers" Single Review

SoCal garage pop trio Lunar Hand recently premiered their debut single on The Wild Honey Pie who noted the band is “just out of high school but boast some killer chops with distinctive 1950’s vintage pop flair…The sound is huge and the cryptic lyrics are whip-smart, sung in an aching baritone that belies their age.”

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Diamond Deposits "Smoke & Chandeliers" Single Review

Gorgeous guitar with righteous chords, thunderous guitars and cool confident vocals. Smoke And Chandeliers is courtesy of Temecula, California trio Lunar Hand and is pulled from their upcoming  EP Magic Hour being issued September 15th. This track was love at first listen for us and we have  a feeling you are gonna feel the same way.

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On their recent single, “Smoke and Chandeliers,” the band revels in a nostalgic ’50s rock ‘n’ roll noise that they subtly mix with some dusty, desertlike rock rhythms. They also blend in a flurry of psych-influenced sounds, the kind of stomping, ecstatic roar you might catch on some forgotten “Nuggets” compilation. It’s a raucous, pop-minded blast of melody that sinks its teeth into you and refuses to let go.

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Their new EP Magic Hour is a 5 song blitzkrieg of pseudo doo-wop, soul, and rock n roll with a pop twist, like earworms in fresh rain. Magic Hour is a catchy, vibed-out record that will immediately pull you in. Hopefully this will lead to a full-length debut in the near future.

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